New Nokia 5800 Firmware v31.0.101 Background Maintenance Update Available

The Nokia 5800 is one of the best smartphones on the market according to consumers and the most recent update was v31.2.008 which is up and running now, well you will be happy to know there is a new firmware update v31.0.101 available now.

It seems according to NokNok that the new Nokia 5800 Firmware v31.0.101 update which popped out OTA (Over The Air) is very quick to install and is basically a background maintenance update.

You will need to restart your Nokia 5800 and we do suggest you back-up the handset before installing the update, this update changes very little to the device but does make it feel a little better, no new kinetic scrolling as of yet but hey we can all hope, no new refresh of the Homescreen either.

Please let us know if you have installed the new Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v31.0.101 and let us know what you think, we would love to know what is new with this update. For a recap on specifications please click here, if you have the Nokia 5800 please send us your personal reviews right here.


3 thoughts on “New Nokia 5800 Firmware v31.0.101 Background Maintenance Update Available”

  1. Danny says:

    Time & date changes its self
    Alarm changed its self
    phone turned off twice, once while I was talking on it, once while it was locked
    XM, red, white & green buttons no longer light up

    not impressed

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