Nokia N900 release date not happened, delayed again it seems

The Nokia N900 had a release date of November 16 but it seems the release of the N900 has been delayed yet again, which is a little crazy considering how much attention this device has got online.

Product-reviews.net has been informed that Nokia has yet again delayed the release of the N900 smartphone and that they do not have an exact release date as of yet, they were informed by Mobile Phones Direct who are the people who operate Nokia Retail, the new release is apparently going to be somewhere at the end of November now.

As soon as Nokia give the go ahead customers who have pre-ordered the Nokia N900 will receive it as soon as possible, we will obviously keep you posted on the exact release date and if anything changes we will let you know.

Has this annoyed you a little? Have you already pre-ordered the Nokia N900? Pretty annoying for many of you we are guessing. In the meantime Amazon and Newegg have great deals going on for the Nokia N900.


7 thoughts on “Nokia N900 release date not happened, delayed again it seems”

  1. Lars W. says:

    Ok, even though I admit it’s quite annoying, I sure prefer a phone that works rather that a pile of bugs in my hand.

    Geez, I’m waiting and waiting. Never felt so impatient with a product before.
    C’mon Nokia, put all your developers on overtime.

  2. Matt Walsh says:

    I have my pre order booked with mobile phones direct and I received an email from them yesterday confirming that the phone will be released to them on the 3rd December. From there it will be sent to the customer so your looking about the 5th December before receiving it. Just thought you would like to know. Cheers.

  3. Key says:

    Wow talking about keeping people in suspense? They should have just slated the phone for release during Christmas or something. I ordering the phone early Oct. when they were talking about releasing it then. three date changes and still no continent date for release. makes me wanna shop around for another phone, but I have to admit I am a nokia fan. No one puts what nokia does in their phones, mostly shit u can’t or won’t use! Come on Nokia, wheres my phone!!!!

  4. AZAM says:

    I have been waiting from october to have this mobile and this is some thing realy ridiculous that they have not released it yet even they have mentioned in the site that the orders will dispatch on 23 rd of november now its 25th and i havnt received it.

  5. Wakim says:

    I pre-ordered though Dell and was given a on or before date of Feb. The December time frame sounds much better to me.

    I will be annoyed that I am paying for something 3 months inadvance.

  6. I cant believe the N900 has been released in the USA, when its actually made in Europe.

    You would think we would get firts dibbs at this phone, but no, Nokia think its more clever to keep their loyal customers hanging.

    And in the process we end up buying other phones on the market, cos we’re fed up with waiting.

    Nice one Nokia.

    Thought you had a great sense of business. Not anymore!!!

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