Poll: Can O2 keep Promise with planned network improvement upgrade?

O2 promises that they will keep customers very happy indeed with the new planned upgrade to its UK network, yes O2 are planning a massive network improvement upgrade which is good news but can they keep to their promise.

O2 has a huge £500 million investment that ran over the last two years, O2 at the moment offer data phones like the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone and they are looking at making big improvements to its data handling capabilities.

The new plan will see London getting around 40 new mobile data hotspots by the end of the year with another 160 soon to follow, the rest of the UK will see another 1500 new locations which should make the service much better in the UK.

The question we put forward to you is “Can O2 keep Promise with planned network improvement upgrade?” please vote below using our poll system. Thanks

Source — ITProPortal via Pocket-lint

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