Nokia N900 Gives Up some Secrets

If you are under the impression that you know all about the Nokia N900 smartphone, you may be wrong, as according to an article over on fonehome there are several handy titbits which they have come across while handling the Nokia N900.

So here they are…apparently the Nokia N900 can make free calls via Skype on the Nokia N900 naturally and as long as the other person is also using Skype. The they found that the Maemo 5 operating system updates come via OTA so cuts out the necessity of cables.

Next the Nokia N900’s 5 megapixel camera enables the user to tweak snaps after taking them, so the user can geo-tag, crop, zoom, and clear red0eye all by one simple touch of the finger. They found that Maemo 5 is a hacker’s dream as it’s based on Linux, and thus many developers won’t struggle to adapt.

The Nokia N900’s desktop internet browser enables the user to view YouTube and other Flash content in a web page thus allowing them to continue to play whilst looking at the rest of the website. Then there’s the display of all open application and internet tabs which are lifve views of what’s happening in the application.

Firefox Mobile will sync your history to the Nokia N900 and will remember which sites you have visited on your PC and add them to the auto-suggestion list. Maemo 5’s media player sports internet radio as a core option so the user can preset and tune wherever there is WiFi.

The Nokia N900 can also plug into your flat screen TV, meaning you can stream internet videos to your TV without a games console or HTPC, and lastly as the Nokia N900 pack a 600MHz processor it is very fast and can handle several applications without problem.


3 thoughts on “Nokia N900 Gives Up some Secrets”

  1. dpr says:

    hmm.. for a moment I thought this post has something new.. but I am sure all the N900 enthusiasts know the points you mentioned. Theres nothing new up here. Infact most (can I say all) the above can be done with latest s60 smartphones too.

  2. JEL says:

    “…pack a 600MHz processor it is very fast…”


    It’s slightly above average – iphones, most Android phones and Palm have processors between 550 – 600MHZ.

    Early next year many “smartphones” will running at 1GHZ – e.g. SE x10.

    The 1Gb of memory makes it appear much faster.

  3. asim says:

    An excellent review, this phone is one of a kind. The 2 comments are completely wrong. S60 smartphones are very limited in their capabilities and freeze on a regular basis. JEL does not understand much about processors, there are many different types. The nokia N900 uses the Cortex a8 processor which is the fastest around and also has a dedicated graphics memory and only the samsung omnia hd and sony satio have the same processor. The difference with the nokia n900 is the maemo operating system which is the best around and you can open 32 applications at one time. Please look at the youtube demonstation videos and you will see why this is the best phone around.

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