LG GT540 Android smartphone: Is it another Snapdragon device?

An LG GT540 Android smartphone has been spotted in a user agent profile and you can clearly see the code shows LG GT540 V1.0.

It was the GW620 that was LG’s first Android phone and this was spotted via HTML lurking in the company’s website, well now it seems and thanks to the sources below another Android smartphone named as the LG GT540 has been spotted.

The main specifications of the GT540 are not known as of yet, nor is the price or release date (If any), but apparently it may possibly have a 320 x 480 touchscreen together with GSM/EDGE/HSPA connectivity.

LG has once said that they will be bringing us a Snapdragon-based Android handset in Q2 2010 and apparently there was going to be a non-QWERTY Android handset sometime in 2010 as well, no one is sure as of yet but we will keep you updated you can be sure of that.

Source — SlashGear via UnwiredView

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