Pay It Forward Scheme Wants Nominations for BlackBerry Bold 9000

The guys over at Crackberry seem to have an ideal type of swap party going on named Pay It Forward which works on the premise of members offer BlackBerry items such as mobile handset and accessories to those in need, and in return you offer something for someone else.

This way those who simply can’t afford a BlackBerry but have need of one stand a change of gaining one, and apparently crackberry member naiwilliams has got in the action and received a BlackBerry Bold 9700.

So in return he has put up his BlackBerry Bold 9000 which is they say in great condition and comes with a 2GB memory card, Power Station, manual and USB cable, and they can even get the handset unlocked if desired.

What the guys want readers to do is drop them a comment and nominate a deserving individual by telling them their story, and they hope this way they can pay it forward and find the BlackBerry Bold 9000 a deserving home. Nice one Crackberry.

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