A Different Kind of Mobile Phone Leak

If you happen to live in Denmark and you are out shopping and suddenly get caught short and in desperate need of a leak but find you have no change for the public convenience, what is one to do? Whip it out and pee in the nearest doorway perhaps?

Well apparently according to the Copenhagen Post, UNWIRE and Lasepartner City has the answer to that problem with paying for a pee by mobile phone. Yes the future is in SMS pee payments which will still cost the pee-person two Danish Krone.

Apparently there are several urinals in operation in Gråbrødre Torv, Borgergade, and Hans Knudsens Plads and will also cost whatever the user pays their operator to send an SMS. The word is the two companies responsible for this new pee tech are going to collect data over a six month period to see if the deployment of other SMS toilets is worthwhile.

Put a whole new stance on a mobile leak doesn’t it, I suppose if you do need a leak and have no change it is always another option to desecrating the pavement.

Image via intomobile