Mobile Coupons via Local Search from Google

With the festive season almost upon us, people will be out searching for that much needed present, and now Google is offering assistance in finding what those people are looking for and hopefully making them a tad cheaper by providing mobile coupons through local search.

Therefore any business can sign up free of charge with Google Local Business Center and thus target their coupons direct to mobile phones so when customers are out shopping for those presents they can find offers available via local businesses.

The idea seems to be a good one from Google, you’re out shopping for that all important Xmas gift but haven’t a clue what to get, your mobile phone goes off and there is a money off and the like coupon from a local company who just happen to have what will suit your needs.

Yeah I know it’s probably highly unlikely to happen that way but it’s still a good idea and maybe Google local search coupon idea just might pay off for someone.

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