Videos: HTC HD2 Gains In-Depth Review

Today we have a review of the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 smartphone, which size wise is a fairly larger handset measuring 4.74 x 2.64 inches and 0.43 inches thick so may be a turn-off for some. The HTC HD2 features an uncluttered layout with only a few hardware buttons and a oddly protruding camera on the rear reports engadget.

The HTC HD2 has been heavily hyped about its 1GHz Snapdragon processor which the guys say “blazes” while apps open like whip cracks, with “buttery smooth” scrolling menus in Sense UI while the overall speed feel accelerated.

The HTC HD2 display is capacitive and multi-touch and the combination of resolution and size impresses and although outside performance isn’t mind blowing it does out do its rivals. The touch screen is ultra-responsive and the on-screen keyboard is very impressive in portrait mode.

The HTC HD2 sports a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and dual LED flash and comes with HTC’s own blend of camera and image management applications, and the guys thought it would deliver solid images. They say the camera performs dutifully and is on par with contemporaries.

As for software on the HTC HD2 the marriage between HTC Sense and Windows Mobile 6.5 is where the HTC HD2 really shines as HTC has eradicated major parts of Windows Mobile 6.5 rather than just skinning some elements. HTC’s on-screen QWERTY they say is probably the nearest to that of the iPhone and is responsive and smart and the Snapdragon keeps lag to a minimum.

Although it’s not all good as the guys experienced the HTC HD2 can at times be quite unresponsive and sluggish within Sense and Windows Mobile apps, and also lots of starts and stops when waking the handset from sleep or jumping in and out of applications.

As for battery life, the HTC HD2 delivers sufficient at on an average day’s use lasting through till the evening, although if using the handset frequently they did notice the drainage. In finalising they say that the HTC HD2 is the best Windows Mobile phone ever made.

We have a couple of HTC HD2 videos for your viewing entertainment courtesy of engadget which can be viewed below…enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Videos: HTC HD2 Gains In-Depth Review”

  1. Jenko says:

    A few days ago, Phones Review ran a story about defects with the camera of the HTC HD2. Wasn’t it turning everyone’s photos pink? Some kind of pink aura appeared in the center of frame. I was looking like every unit suffered from this defect.

    Now the review of the same handset doesn’t mention this problem. What happened? The review now says “the camera performs dutifully”. Maybe the people taking photos were not astute enough to notice a pink haze over everything.

    The reports on other websites are so widespread it leads me to believe that the pink aura defect is in many or most HTC HD2 handsets. I’d like to see an update on this. I’d like to know what HTC is doing about it.

  2. clustered says:

    Beware of HTC’s large screen phones.
    Any force applied to them, even taking off a screen protector, is enough to produce “newton rings” and the screen stops responding to touch.
    Not much use for a touch screen phone.
    HTC refuse to cover this by warranty and refuse to negotiate. expect to shell out up to $500 to repair it. With no guarantee that the next screen won’t do the same thing.
    Design or Materials fault but they won’t cover it by warranty.

  3. coolfx35 says:

    I’m from Sweden and I’ve had my HTC HD2 for more than one month now.
    Do you know there was a special forum dedicated for our beloved phones, yes, it’s http://www.HTCHD2Forum.com.
    The HTC Hd2 is my third HTC device and man it’s great! I knew it had twice the clock speed compared to my Diamond but could never imagine the difference to be that huge.

    Anyway, I know a little bit about WM and can hopfully help people.

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