Apple Store Black Friday Ad Online Sale: Savings on your iPod touch

If you are on the lookout for a good saving on an Apple iPod Touch this Black Friday then Apple seems to have you covered in that department as Apple is lowering the price of the 8GB, 32GB and 64GB iPod Touch and delivering a great saving to the customer.

The normal price for the Apple iPod Touch is 8GB $199.00 but now cost $178.00 giving a saving of $21.00. The iPod Touch 32GB usually costs $299.00 but now costs $268.00 giving a cool saving of $31.00, and the 64GB iPod Touch usually costs $399.00 but has now been lowered to $358.00 a saving of $41.00.

The Apple iPod Touch is a great portable computer, game player and iPod and there’s also a free laser engraving service if you want to send the iPod Touch as a gift and also get it gift wrapped, and free shipping.

So if you really want some great savings on the Apple iPod Touch and lessen the burden on your wallet this holiday season, then hit up Apple and grab your iPod Touch now.

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