Sony Ericsson Aino Withdrawn by Carphone Warehouse

The word is coming in that the Sony Ericsson Aino smartphone is experiencing problems in the UK, the problem being with the smartphones touch screen resulting in the Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U withdrawing the Sony Ericsson Aino from their shelves reports Yahoo.

Spokesman for Sony Ericsson, Mattias Holm has said that Sony Ericsson is working as quickly as possible to solve this touch screen problem, and went of to say that the problem only affects a small number for UK customers.

Holm believes as the number of Aino’s affected is small Sony Ericsson doesn’t see any damage or harm done to their reputation. However, British consultancy CSS Insight analyst, Geoff Blaber has noted that this problem couldn’t have come at a worse time for Sony Ericsson and they need to fix the problem within days not weeks.

This is a problem for Sony Ericsson as the Sony Ericsson Satio smartphone is also on hold by Carphone Warehouse due to software problems which apparently Sony Ericsson are also trying to sort out.


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