App Usage Records Reveal Possible New iPhone?

There just may be a mysterious new Apple iPhone on its way in the form of the iPhone 3,1 according to data via analytics software found inside iBART, the transportation app, which has apparently been host to the iPhone 3,1 identification number reports an article over on engadget.

You may remember that iPhone 2, 1 was first seen back in October of 08 and turned out to be the iPhone 3GS handset some 8 months later; although the guys do point out that Apple won’t necessarily keep to that 8 month schedule.

Although is doesn’t come as a big surprise that Apple is delving into the realms of a successor to the iPhone 3GS as it has now become expected that Apple will push out a new iteration of the iconic smartphone every year to fend off rivals.

So could this be the very first sighting of a new iPhone fore 2010? No doubt we’ll hear more of these rumours in the coming year, and if all pans out real we’ll be bringing all the info to you as soon as we can.