South Korea gains Apple iPhone with price details

Many years have past with continued wrangling over privacy concerns over the iPhone’s location based services. And now finally after all this time the Apple iPhone is available in South Korea.

Hundreds and hundreds of people queued and camped up overnight and lined the streets outside the Olympic stadium in Seoul hoping to be the first on their block to impress the rest with their very own iPhone.

Although some would not brave the elements, and instead chose to pre order online. A massive 65,000 customers have been said to reserve the iPhone in the weeks leading up to the launch. The iPhone is being sold by KT Corp and is priced competitively.

The cost of the iPhone 32GB 3GS is 396,000 won ($338 USD) with a monthly plan of 45,000 won ($38 USD). Apparently both Samsung and LG who currently dominate the South Korean market are already feeling the pressure, and have themselves started to lower handset prices. For more information visit boygeniusreport.com

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