Video: MiKandi Adult App Store for Android?

It was fairly obvious this would happen at some stage in the mobile world, an adult mobile applications store has been launched by a company called MiKandi and sports what some would call porn apps for your mobile phone, although MiKandi avoids using the term porn and opts for “Adults Only.”

However before all you mobile phone toting men rush off to grab MiKandi you should be aware that MiKandi is only for the Android platform. Apple stands fast on not allowing “Adult Only” apps on the iPhone, but if you have an Android based handset it appears that adult apps are fine.

Not that we are saying Google approves of adult apps or that Verizon and the Motorola Droid do either, but it appears that MiKandi is taking advantage of Android being more open than the iPhone. Therefore, although the Android Market doesn’t offer adult apps there is nothing stopping an Android user from accessing the MiKandi service.

Having said that, the guys over at phandroid who reported the article say they failed to actually access any mature content when they attempted to use MiKandi services for purely scientific reasons of course. We have a short video promo of the MiKandi Mobile App Store for your viewing pleasure below.