Video: Portrait Mode Enabled by Glitch on Nokia N900?

Now here’s a strange thing with the Nokia N900, apparently according to the guys over at maemo world the Nokia N900 has a “glitch” in its operating system , and this glitch enables the Nokia N900 to switch into portrait mode for just about everything.

Although Maemo 5 is only available in landscape mode for most things other than photo browser, phone application and a few third-party apps, but the word is a talk.maemo.org user called Guyver has managed to run the Nokia N900 in portrait mode.

Apparently the portrait mode was accomplished by tilting the handset to launch the phone application then slid up the screen and closed the phone app, although he does say he probably won’t be able to recreate it again.

We also have a short forty second video for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below and shows the Nokia N900 running in portrait mode. So maybe the guys at Nokia will enable this via a firmware update as some stage.

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