BlackBerry Bold 9700 ColorWared

Nothing out there states that you all have to accept the normal or what some might call normal conventions of business oriented mobile devices.

However it is quite clear that a lot of us do and in fact most of us do actually quite like the snazzy software and keyboard that we are blessed with in the BlackBerry Bold 9700. You also have the option if you so desire to send in your BlackBerry Bold for some amazing transformations.

Want to burn a layer off of your retina, or somebody else’s? Then send it in for an amazing ColorWare job, it has been done before as we are all fully aware and now it’s all happening again.

So if you are one of these that likes to grab the greatest look and want to shock your business colleagues when you reach into your briefcase and return with one of these then you need to look no further. The recolored Bold is 9700 is now available. There are 6 independent components that can be colored to your liking. For more information visit mobile.engadget.com