Diva collection 2010 of announced by Samsung

We like nothing more than the feel of the lovely texture of the faux quilted battery cover which enables us to get the blood pumping round our bodies.

So if you have been unable to get a good nights sleep due to the fact that you’ve managed to get a glimpse of those magnificent Diva phones from Samsung last week, and as some would admit to also be desperately trying to seek out some further information however small or large.

We feel for you as you are not alone, thankfully Sammy’s now decided that it’s the right time to drop some knowledge on a pair of handsets targeted mainly at the fairer sex. Firstly we have the S5150 clamshell which features a glittering led. Which lights up interestingly when calls and other events occur.

We also have the S7070 which goes full touch and adds some special features like the ‘Beauty effect’ which is said to make those snap shots taken on the 3.2 megapixel camera flawlessly beautiful. Samsung have said that they will be re upping the Diva collection each year with new phones aimed at girly buyers. Stay in your seats for now as these Diva’s wont be making an appearance until January. Source – engadget.com