LCD Makers Sued for Price Fixing by Nokia

Apparently Nokia has the bit between their teeth over alleged price fixing on LCD displays and has gone as far as filing a lawsuit against several liquid crystal display makers including the likes of LG Displays Co, Samsung Electronic Co, Hitachi Displays Ltd, Sharp Corp to name just a few reports an article on the WSJ.

Nokia filed their complaint with the U.S District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco division on the 25th of November and the complaint alleges “illegal conspiracy raised the price of LCDs above the price that would have prevailed in a competitive market.”

Nokia who has purchased LCDs from said firms and placed them into their mobile phones have stated they suffered damages as a result and therefore entitled to treble damages along with injunctive relief to remedy said injuries.

Late last year the US Justice Department has already fined numerous LCD makers for price fixing including LG Displays, Sharp and Chunghwa. Apparently several companies have said they have not received any court documents yet while others named in the suit denied comment.

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