Cyber Week 2009: Christmas Gifts for Apple iPhone Lovers

If you love your Apple iPhone you are probably hoping to get some Christmas gifts to do with the iconic handset, or maybe you know someone with an iPhone and looking for that Christmas gift for an Apple iPhone lover, if so the guys over at pocket-lint have come up with 10 gifts they feel are suited for the iPhone lover.

They start off with iPhone soap, not that they are in any way saying iPhoners are dirty, but the iPhone soap is Bourbon and Coke scented with a price tag of $13, is made of Shea butter and ships worldwide. Then there’s a thing called “Notepods,” which are iPhone shaped notepads and cost $17.95 and have worldwide shipping.

Of course there is the abundance of iPhone cases and covers some of which are fairly standard while others are custom made, or how about the Mophie Juice Pack Air which can extend iPhone battery life up to three times and costs £55.

An obvious choice if you or your iPhone packing friend like music, apps and the like is the iTunes gift card which comes in cards of £15, £20, £50, and if you are feeling particularly generous £100. Then if you are prepared to shell out a tad more cash there is the Etymotics Hf2 noise isolating earphones with customised ear moulds which will set you back some £180.

If you or your iPhone toting friend is into music you could opt for a Spotify premium subscription which will set you back some £9.99 a month so over the year could add up a tad. Or how about the MovieWedge mini bean bag which is an iPhone stand made of microsuede and can double as a screen wiper for just $10 and ships worldwide.

Of course if you really want to show off you love of the iPhone there is the “Kiss My Apps” T-Shirt which commands a price tag of £8.99 via eBay. And lastly if you are really generous there is always the ability of upgrading the iPhone to a 3GS if they still have a 3G.

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