Nokia forecasts mobile phone growth for 2010

At Nokia’s Capital Market Day, Nokia has announced targets and forecasts for 2010 that should keep investors interested with a forecast of a 10 percent rise in mobile phone volumes in 2010 and affirmed their commitment to Symbian according to market watch.

Apparently Nokia has promised to revamp their user interface after being criticised in that area for not moving fast enough. In the first and second halves of 2010, the revamped Symbian user interface should deliver 2 “major product milestones” and in the 2nd half of 2010 will deliver their first Maemo 6 “mobile computer.”

UK telecoms consultancy CCS analyst, Ben Wood has stated that Nokia is coming out fighting on Symbian as they need to get their software back on track to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Google’s Android.

Nokia’s Symbian OS has in the past come under fire for being somewhat old fashioned when compared to that of Samsung, Palm and Apple who continue to make their systems more intuitive.


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  1. All of my phones for 9 years from 1998 are Nokia, before I switch to being a fanboy. Will someone tell Nokia to please replace their venerable antiquated typeface that probably have existed since the 5110 single-band phone and still in use in the N97.

    Apple does not allow customization with iPhones. While Nokia allows customization, but surprisingly leaves typefaces or fonts behind.

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