8 Million GPS Data Requests to Sprint from Government?

Apparently Sprint has been dishing out customer GPS location data by the bucket full to law enforcement agencies over in the states, and the word is they handed over info some 8 million times between Sept 08 to Oct 09 reports paranoia.

Apparently that 8 million times was made possible by Sprint constructing a special web portal for law enforcement officers. Sprint Nextel manager of Electronic Surveillance , Paul Taylor spoke at the ISS World Conference in Washington DC on the 13th of October 09, and we have a video of Mr. Taylor admitting the disclosure of information for you to hear below.

Taylor does say him major concern is the volume of requests and that they have a lot of things that are automated but only scratches the surface.

8 million requests for customer location data does seem inordinately large, and one would think even though they were from law enforcement agencies, surely it goes towards breaking some kind of privacy law, maybe not in the US though.

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