Bing updated for Windows Mobile

Software giant Microsoft have announced recently the release of an updated version of its Bing app which is for Windows phones. The launch is following right on the heels of the recently performed updates to the Bing search engine.

The improvements were for Bing Maps as well as Bing search engine, for both Mobile phone users and also users of desktop computers. The app is designed to offer users the possibility to enjoy quick, on the go searches, all directly from their mobiles. They will also be tailored to fit the on the go needs of many users.

As we know typing on small devices is sometimes not an easy task, now with the improvements you can easily speak your search query into your phone and just let Bing do the rest. You will also have quick access to maps giving not only directions but also traffic information. It also includes an auto locate feature which will show your current location.

There is also a feature called act locally, Bing will find nearby businesses or a restaurant or even the showing times of a local movie theatre. It has been stated that the new Bing is able to deliver a much better user experience to anyone who tries it out. For more information visit softpedia.com

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