Merry iPhone Christmas about to fall on UK?

Depends really on your perspective on the answer to that question. Great if you are a retailer or an Operator selling the iPhone, you’ll probably be only really interested in the revenue so yes, Christmas could be a very good time for you.

It is expected that boxes and boxes will be shifted and contracts will be signed up all over the place, good cheer all round. Maybe not though if you are a consumer attempting to get on an already creaking network, the fact that a stack load of more data hungry devices coming in your direction probably doesn’t feel you with glee as it would mean less bandwidth and more delays for you.

Strangely enough a not so very different bandwidth issue occurred when SMS became popular, something that was designed to send the occasional message became the communication tool that none of us can be without. The overload knocked the platform over and when did this occur Christmas of course.

Now it seems the problem is going to be with both the core and the radio network but the net effect is likely to be the same, poor customer experience when people fire up their home pages and find they are waiting some 5 minutes at least for them to load. Source – intomobile.com