Motorola Droid in UK for £450

Expansys an online retailer has announced that they will soon be selling the much talked about Motorola Droid. The Motorola Droid will be know as the Motorola Milestone in the UK.

The cost for this amazing smartphone will be as little as just £450 which excludes delivery, and is said to be available over the next few days. The smartphone will be unsubsidised and will be unlocked therefore meaning it should work on any network.

Expansys have managed to get exclusive rights to sell the Milestone or Motorola Droid in the UK until the end of the year, having said that there are already reports that grey imports have already appeared. The Motorola Milestone comes packed with an 8GB onboard memory with an additional 32GB which can be added.

According to Motorola the phone will make photos much sharper and is capable of producing videos that in there own words will pop. It also has a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen and has a 1GHz ARM based processor, a slide out QWERTY keyboard and an amazing 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, GPS, Wi-Fi and much more. Source – itproportal.com