Nokia Flagship Store Regent Street London to Close

It appears that London’s Regent Street is to lose the Nokia Flagship store which has been open for the past two years, and the reason for said closure of the store according to a Nokia spokesperson, is that it wasn’t as profitable or as efficient as Nokia would have liked reports intomobile.

The Nokia spokesperson further stated that the closure of the Regent Street store was a hard decision and has “not been taken lightly,” and that the store didn’t allow the bringing of Nokia services “to life.”

The Nokia Flagship store on London’s Regent Street employed 30 people who are now unemployed and looking for another job bang on top of Christmas, so best of luck to them.

Word has it that All Saints and Victoria’s Secret are looking into the possibility of moving into the 7500 square foot space that once used to be the Nokia Flagship store, maybe they are looking for sales reps.


One thought on “Nokia Flagship Store Regent Street London to Close”

  1. divauk says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish…..I practically lived in that store through the summer of 2009 trying to get my phone fixed. Cock up after cock up, surly staff and extremely bad service. I had to write to the head office in Finland to get a result. They got what they deserved…

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