Motorola La Jolla is a low end Android handset

Apparently when Motorola released the source code for the Motorola CLIQ, hidden inside said code were hints to several other Android based mobile phone that will come from Motorola in future, specifically the Motorola “La Jolla.”

Could this new Android handset be the jewel in Motorola’s crown as according to android and me, La Jolla means the jewel in Spanish. On digging further the guys also came across a few La Jolla specifications.

So here’s what specs they found, the Motorola La Jolla will sport a Motorola Halo i2c touch screen, 528 MHz processor, and what is apparently a QWERTY keyboard, and that’s about all that’s known spec wise.

Price wise the low end Android handset is expected to fall somewhere in the range of $150 to $250 and rumour has it that the Motorola La Jolla with sport a clamshell form factor, more as and when we know.

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