Apple Acquires Music Streaming Company Lala

It appears that Apple is looking to expand in the music business by acquiring Lala, an online music streaming company although it isn’t known just what the acquisition cost financially or on just how Apple intends to integrate Lala into their products reports an article over on pcworld.

An email from an Apple spokesperson stated that although Apple purchases smaller tech firms from time to time as a rule they generally don’t comment on what their plans are for said purchased company.

As for Lala, their service enables users in the US to stream and buy over eight million songs whereby a user can listen to a song once for free then pay $0.10 for a version which can then be played online as often as wanted or pay $0.79 for a downloadable version.

As most know, Apple does huge business via iTunes but the media player doesn’t allow streaming of tunes. Recently Lala cut a deal with both Google and Facebook to allow their users to stream songs. Neither Apple nor Lala have commented on the acquisition yet though.

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