iPhone emulator known as 3G4 Nintendo64

Before you all gather your opinions on this one please bear in mind that is was coded by a 14 year old developer.

The first Nintendo64 emulator for the iPhone otherwise known as the 3G4, coded by a 14 year old? Where most kids or youngsters of that age are usually only interested in playing video games and or trading magazines or trump cards.

Then all out of the blue along come this one aged just 14 who also has the brains and the patients to code an entire emulator. This is now the first native Nintendo64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch 3G.

We are not surprisingly quite shocked by this little gem, as it boasts stunning control and ROM interpretation which may well leave you believing that you are actually streaming it directly from the TV itself. Check out the video to see what you think. Source – ubergizmo.com

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