Apple iPhone holds position despite growing Androids

Still undoubtedly one of the best and most sought after devices, is the Apple iPhone 3GS, despite the increase in the amount of Android smart phones becoming available in the mobile industry. The iPhone keeps on holding on to that top position in the market place.

The UK have experienced approximately a period of two years of isolated iPhone availability that is until last October when we saw the start of the iPhone wars as both Orange and 02 had the device. It has also been announced that Vodafone would also be offering the iPhone at the start of next year.

AT&T currently hold the iPhone exclusively in the US but only until later in 2010. Around the middle of the year the iPhone will no longer be exclusive to AT&T, some have thought that Verizon would be carrying the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone is drawing more and more people to its user base, there is also speculation that the people who belong to the electronic gaming community, composed usually of tech minded individuals who quite happily spend their money on computer part and games may well want to consider the iPhone. Source – blog.best-mobile-contracts.co.uk

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