More than one? Motorola Sholes in China

We all love the leaks we receive and the rumors that we get blessed with from time to time and right here right now we have another interesting read for you with some great pictures for you to peruse over.

Motorola have been incredibly lucky that the very masculine design of the DROID was as well received as it was, however we’ve a sneaky feeling that that incredible luck may be about to run out. Just have a look at the pictures and I’m sure you’ll agree.

So far this has no name, but the device does appear to be possibly the same one that we saw recently on some cropped shots the other day for a 5 megapixel instead of eight. Of course having the photo snapped in China and reportedly heading to China Unicorn means its just about anyone’s guess as to whether or not it will make it anywhere stateside.

If your anything like us then I’m sure you’ll be praying that it does. That is providing we hope it has a kind of makeover first, as there is definitely no need for that Nokia Surge-esque hump. Although we have heard that Motorola are working on various models, so it could well be possible that this is just the China specific variant. Want to see more pics then go to boygeniusreport.com

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