Orange Launch Click and Go App Shop for Mobile Phones

Not too sure if ye olde iPhone maker will be too pleased, but Orange who have just recently begun offering the iPhone has now launched their own applications stop for mobile phones and will also offer along with apps, ringtones and widgets.

Although Orange’s app stop has been around for a while, this new version of the Orange App Stop actually goes on the mobile handset enabling the user to access content directly from their phone with one simple click.

Apparently the new App Shop will give access to in excess of 5000 apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers and throughout next year Orange will work with content providers and developers to rapidly expand the new App Shop.

Apple and the iPhone don’t have too much to worry about though as the Orange App Shop will in January be available on the Nokia 6700, Sony Ericsson Yari and W995 and later on will take in devices from Samsung, Motorola, RIM, LG and HTC.

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