Reliable Rogers in Canada

Recent news in, Rogers has gone from most Reliable to plain and simple Reliable. It was only a few weeks back that Telus launched a law suit against Rogers arguing that Rogers had no claim to being ‘Canada’s most reliable network’.

Telus now has an HSPA network, which will surely put them on a par with the GSM incumbent. Today however, Rogers front page seems to have had some minor if not major subtle word changes. We’re not talking about spelling corrections.

They are now not the most reliable but are still claiming that they are reliable. in that what they probably mean is that they have a network that does what it is supposed to do, most of the time. The new tag line though doesn’t have the same appeal to it as the previous one that’s for sure.

We would assume that this would mean that Telus have won that round, however, Bell is still making a lot of talk about being the most reliable network, maybe it wont be that far ahead before nobody will be claiming to be the most of anything. to read more visit intomobile.com

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