6 Android Smartphones in First Half of 2010 from Acer

Apparently according an Acer executive the company will be pushing out no less than six new smartphone sporting the Android platform in the first half of next year reports an article over on pcworld.

Acer, who happens to be the world’s 2nd largest PC vendor, pushed out their very first Android platform handset this week in the form of their Acer Liquid A1 handset which went on sale on Wednesday in Hong Kong and today in Taiwan.

The VP of Acer’s smart handheld business in Asia, Roger Yuen has said that they are still evaluating the second half, but will ship 5 or 6 Android handsets in the first half.

The plan is apparently to unveil Android handsets in 3 price levels, those levels being top, mid, and low end along with other Android models targeted towards the business user and consumers.


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