Free iPhones for London School Kids

It appears some lucky children at school in London will be getting used to operating an iPhone 3GS as 30 pupils will gain an iPhone 3GS in a trial by Gumley House Convent School in West London reports an article over on fonehome.

Most schools fight a battle against pupils using a mobile phone in the classroom, but it appears that Gumley school has different ideas and is giving an iPhone 3GS to 30 pupils who take part in the trial until the end of the academic year.

Of course if the kids make any calls then they will have to pay for them but everything else will be paid for by Brentford City Learning Centre. Apparently those involved will meet on a regular basis to talk on just how the iPhone 3GS is affecting their learning.

One can only presume that the use of an iPhone 3GS in the classroom won’t have a bad effect on learning as it can be quite a distraction, and one hopes that iPhone apps will be restricted to education specific apps only.

So readers, what are your views on using a mobile phone in the classroom, is it a good idea or a bad one?

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