Spotify Android App Now Updated to v0.3.24

Android Spotify fans can now gain an update of Spotify on Android version 0.3.24 which is available from the Android Market and included 2 major new features along with several improvements reports an article over on pocket-lint.

Probably the most important new feature is a new home screen widget that enables the user to view album artwork and control playback without the need to open the Spotify application. The second major feature is the ability to click on Spotify links within the Android browser, although label and artist searches still do nothing apparently.

The Spotify player has also been tweaked a little and now the user can swipe on an album art to shoot forwards and backwards between queued tracks using the left and right swipe, unfortunately though this tweak means that the forward/back/play buttons now always remain on top of the artwork.

Also performance has been improved and Spotify on Android also fully supports Android 2.0, and said update seems to have cured most of the issues experience with Spotify on Android, of course if you do still have any issues feel free to let us know.

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