Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?

We should have Google Chrome Mobile; yes put it on mobile smartphones such as the Apple iPhone. The question is “Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?”

The future of smartphones is massive business and such handsets are getting more and more powerful which surely means we should see the likes of Google Chrome on them; or do we. Apple seems to control what they want on the iPhone which basically tells us according to Daily Finance, that the iPhone is a very unfriendly place for Web browsers.

The Apple iPhone uses Safari which works pretty well but when you think about Google trying to get Google Voice iPhone application in motion which has not yet been approved can you really see the iPhone getting Google Chrome.

Another thing to mention is the fact Apple has not yet said anything about allowing Google Navigation onto the iPhone, please answer a few questions for us: Do you think Apple is too controlling? Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?


One thought on “Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?”

  1. Seth says:

    Apple won’t allow Google Voice on the iPhone immediately because it has agreements with the telecoms providers and must ensure it plays fair with them. As for Chrome – it is based on Apple’s WebKit, that’s why it’s so fast – what is browsing like on an android device? Better than an iPhone?

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