3 Hours and Motorola Milestone Sells Out

It looks like the latest Android packing smartphone, the Motorola Milestone is going great guns over here in the UK, as according to an article over on pocket-lint, online retailer eXpansys has announced that the Motorola Milestone sold out in record time.

Apparently the Motorola Milestone is so popular here in the UK that the smartphone which went on sale as of yesterday sold out in a staggeringly short 2.5 hours.

According to eXpansys, the first shipment of the Motorola Milestone was delivered on the 10th of December and within 3 hours of the handset being listed as “in stock” on the eXpansys website it had sold out, and thus has become the fastest selling gadget in the website’s history.

One does have to say that is extremely fast to run out of stock, and eXpansys stated that the Motorola Milestone sell out is even more successful that the iPhone. Apparently the Motorola Milestone will again be in stock in time for Christmas.

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