Asus Skype Video Phone Touch AiGuru SV1T Release

Asus is to release the new Skype Video Phone Touch AiGuru SV1T with a cost of $255, the good thing about this new device is the fact you do not need a computer to use it.

This new report of the Asus videophone comes via New York Times and will feature a cool 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, speakerphone, on-screen keyboard and great voice quality.

Apparently it has the same quality as the MacBook Pro which does not have crystal clear video, seeing as you do not need a PC you will need to have broadband Internet connection and preferably a wireless network.

We all know that a laptop can provide you with pretty decent video calls so is this new Asus Skype Video Phone worth the buy?

Via – Duniyalive