Google Nexus One Android Phone by HTC Announced

Earlier on today we mentioned the hot news about the all new Google Android Phone and that it does really exist, well now confirmation according to Information Week says it is all true.

It looks like the all new Google Nexus One phone will be made by none other than HTC, even though in the picture above HTC has not been branded on the handset, and will release early 2010

This is the all new Google Android handset and will be sold direct to consumers, this new device will feature Android version 2.1 and will contain software that is not available on any other Android device, and this is because Google has designed the software from scratch.

Google wants to have a mobile phone that works with wireless carriers where they will not dictate about what features they will allow on their networks. The phone will be fully branded by Google and Not HTC but HTC will be building the phone as said above if sources are right.

You will be able to by this handset direct online and will be sold unlocked which means you choose your network, so yes Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint etc, oh Apple you should think about this one.

Via – Redmond Pie

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