Nexus One, Google Phone or HTC Passion First Photos

So here we have it folks, the first photos of what is apparently known as the Google Phone, which is also known as the Nexus One and apparently the HTC Passion, and this first photo comes via the guys over at engadget.

Whatever moniker this smartphone comes out to play with, be it Nexus One, HTC Passion or the heavily rumoured Google Phone, the word is it will pack the latest Android operating system, Android 2.1 which will apparently feature such stuff as an extended amount of home screens, and 3D elements to the apps tray.

Also apparently there is now the addition of a new grid icon which sits at the bottom of the home screen and when touched brings up a webOS card-type preview of all the extended home screens.

Other details emerging is that the Nexus One/Google Phone runs on T-Mobile and sports WiFi and comes with Google Navigation and the new Google Goggles, and also doesn’t sport an HTC logo.

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