Google Nexus One Phone Price Details, CDMA version may follow

Some great news recently in about the all new Google Nexus One Android phone and it’s pricing, well according to I4U a good tip says that the new handset could have a price tag of about $199 upon launch.

Yes we have Nexus One resolution display, how it compares to the Apple iPhone and of course seen a photo, there are no complete specification details as of yet but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear about them.

There is not a lot of information about this device as of yet other than speculations and rumours, but according to the source mentioned above the Nexus One mobile phone will be subsidized by Google themselves which means they wish to push it out to as many users as possible.

When it comes to rumours the phone will be unlocked, which will be great for millions of users and that the handset will have many new 3D elements to the Android UI, the new Google phone will be GSM but a CDMA version will follow soon after and if that is true that means the likes of Sprint and Verizon could get it, who knows.


3 thoughts on “Google Nexus One Phone Price Details, CDMA version may follow”

  1. Arkitekt83 says:

    holy carp! Thats a great deal and I will most certainly be getting this phone if its true. Comes out in January, My bday is in January, gonna get myself an awesome gift!

  2. Jerin says:

    I just hope they ship worldwide, but $199 is a steal, I wouldn’t mind if they supported the device with ads. I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch..but it’ll be awesome..

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