The Google Nexus One RingRing Video

Yes here we have yet another video of the Nexus One smartphone, this time it’s called Nexus One RingRing; why RingRing? Because it let’s you hear the Nexus One ringing and that’s about all.

I can understand that the Nexus One is big news and everyone wants to know as much as they can, but it seems these guys at thenexusone enjoy putting out these incredible short titbit video just to tease a waiting audience, and basically the videos aren’t informative.

It would be far better to have waited a couple of days and pushed out a Nexus One video that actually meant something, brought something new to the game, but it seems they are satisfied to keep everyone waiting, feeding the net with miniscule uninformative videos.

Still as one says you can’t keep your readers waiting and thus we have said Nexus One video below for your viewing pleasure courtesy of phandroid, so check it out if you will.

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