White BlackBerry Bold just $0.99 price dropped by Rogers.

Great news for all of you out there that are itching to grab a BlackBerry Bold 9000, for a White BlackBerry it will cost you just $0.99 if you are a Rogers customer.

The standard three contract will apply but come on you must agree that is a fantastic price for a White BlackBerry Bold 9000. The rumour is that this offer will only last until January 4th so be quick if you want one.

This offer is only for the White BlackBerry Bold, it would seem that Rogers are hoping for a White Christmas.

Not everybody likes the idea of a White BlackBerry, but some of you do. It has also been rumoured that the BlackBerry has been kind of seen as masculine which could be why the decision of a White one came about. Head over to Rogers store to check out this amazing deal. Source – crackberry.com

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