Google Nexus One gets snapped again

Everyone wants to know more and more about the Google Nexus One, and to be honest with so many Google employees testing the Nexus One I’m somewhat surprised more pictures, details and videos haven’t hit the net waves already.

However, the guys over at engadget have managed to post a few more pictures of the Google Nexus One smartphone that have surface via a couple of Twitter users, @phillm and @djrobrob, and are so far probably the clearest images of Google’s new baby.

Google Nexus One gets snapped again

Have to say though what we need is more details and more confirmed specifications on the Nexus One, although the guys do have a short video which can be viewed by hitting up the link, but do come back and drop us a comment on your views.

Personally, as the rumoured launch is not too long away I think Google should now come clean and give some form of official announcement of specs and the like, just so we all know exactly what to expect.

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