Mobile Phone Xchange Exclusive partnership with Marks & Spencer

Following successful partnerships in the past with Debenhams and Argos, Mobile Phone Xchange have now secured another great exclusive partnership, with Marks and Spencer. The partnership is to offer their customers a great opportunity to recycle their old mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Xchange already offers the best price to their customers for their old mobile phones ad now with the added option to receive Marks and Spencer vouchers there is an additional 15% to be made on top of the cash value.

Also the recycling of mobile phones does continue to contribute in protecting the environment, one customer said “I’ve already received Debenhams vouchers in the past through Mobile Phone Xchange, knowing that I can now opt for Marks and Spencer vouchers means that I have more to choose from when selling my old mobile phone”.

Obviously the amount that you would receive is dependant on the particular handset but now customer can have the option to receive and add ional 15% on top of the cash value if they opt for Marks and Spencer vouchers. Considering a Nokia N95 8GB goes for £114 cash or £129 Marks and Spencer vouchers, it is definitely worth the little bit of effort. Source – earthtimes.org

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