Nokia Siemens should grow 10=percent in Latin America in 2010

The Finnish / German telecoms equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks is expected to grow above the markets 10% year on in Latin America in 2010, according to regional representative Arto Vilkman.

The company Nokia Siemens which is a split down the middle 450% each joint venture between both Nokia and Siemens is said to out perform the Latin America Market for telecoms infrastructure by just a couple of points.

Regional operators reduced their capital expenditures by 30% back in 2009, and now Nokia Siemens expect that they will need to continue investing in network infrastructure to meet the fast growing traffic demand.

The executive has said that there is also optimism about the professional services market. Still standing for most of Nokia Siemens revenue in Latin America is Brazil and Mexico, with other main markets being Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina Peru and Chile. Source – tradingmarkets.com

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