iPhone 4.0 HD Unveiling, what if this was true!

One of the biggest rumors around at the moment is the one about the when and the what and the obvious raging inferno of fantasy. will an iTablet fit the bill, probably but an iPhone 4.0 unveiled early in advance of an iPhone HD.

We are all speculating about the iPhone HD again and not just 5 megapixel camera, the iPhone 3.2 has been very loud in its absence. One reason that keeps appearing in whispers around is that Apple is investing all it’s energy into iPhone 4.0.

Over the past year we have had devices like the Android Droid and of course the Nexus One and Windows Mobile HD2 all in Apple’s face about taking to the iPhone in terms of size and quality of the display. Could Apple give us an iPhone HD in 2010 lets hope so.

when and if they do it would break the single platform model of the iPhone that so still appeals to developers. Apple will clearly need to suck up the screen size at some point and when they do holding an event in January rather than March as they have done in previous years would give the developers more time to adapt their applications to fill an AM OLED WVGA screen. Source –theiphoneblog.com

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