What is the new Sony Ericsson U5i seen on FCC?

Great news for Sony Ericsson fans out there as it would seem we have a new Sony Ericsson coming into town, and its not the X10 just for a change.

This is a mysterious device which is currently just known as U5i. That certainly follows on from Sony Ericsson’s naming convention. What may be a kind of clue is that the Satio is also known as the U1 and the Anio as the U10 so in other words what we may well expect is a full touch handset of some kind.

Cellpassion had previously uncovered a user agent profile for a U5i which called out a 640 x 360 display and 2 megapixel camera and Symbian. Therefore if all those numbers pan out we may not be looking at a Satio Killer.

don’t forget though that we have also seen the U5 model number associated with the 8.1 megapixel Kurara so really it is anybodies guess as to what is really going on here. Suppose all we can do is wait until something becomes official. Source – mobile.engadget.com

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