Video: HTC Sense new Documents tab shown off

It looks like HTC is setting about stripping most of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile down and replacing just about everything with their own version in the HTC Sense UI, they’ve already replaced such stuff as calendar, email viewer, app launcher, photo gallery, and now they’ve changed the way to manage documents as well.

We have a video for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at pocket now. The video lasts just over the three minute mark and shows us just what the documents tab in the HTC Sense UI can do.

Apparently you can now sync documents to your email so you can pull up any received or sent documents, filter documents by type such as PDF, Excel, Word and the like, and also the tab gives the viewer a live preview of the document contents.

The video does a much better job at explaining everything with the documents tab, so I’ll simply let you hit up the HTC Sense documents tab video and check it out for yourself…enjoy.

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