Is this Verizon’s Pre ? Palm smartphone appears in Wi-Fi cert database

Right, lets get straight to the point here Verizon Wireless will of course one day stock Palm’s Pre wont it? But when is the question still being asked.

It is a well documented fact that this is inevitable but when is still proving one of those questions that we just don’t have the answer for.

Great news though as judging by a rather mysterious Wi-Fi Certificate that has appeared we are now thinking that the wait may almost be over. With the CES 2010 just around the corner this seems like a really good time to start actually believing.

You may or may not recall that Sprint’s Pre snagged a Wi-Fi Certificate number of P100EWW and then just this summer we spot a few leaked Palm devices within Verizon Wireless’s documents with P101 and P121, lo and behold the certificate for this smartphone boasts a P101EWW label. Okay lets not jump to too many conclusions but are you thinking what were thinking? Source – engadgetmobile.com

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